Monday, October 11, 2010

a sweet big brother

As I was picking him up from school today, Carbon and I found ourselves talking about some of the younger students at his school and how they are doing. I asked him if he thought his sister would be OK there next year, when I hope to send her there for 3 days a week.

He replied that she'd be just fine, and said that she would be "tough enough to stand up to _____", referring to a student whom Carbon thinks is a bit of a bully. He then went on to talk about all the things he thinks she will enjoy doing, and which of the younger students he thinks will be her friends.

I asked him if he thought she'd be able to follow all the rules and deal with the JC (judicial committee). And here is where he was super sweet.

"She'll be fine" he says. "I can go into JC - you're allowed to go in as an observer if you want, and I can sit close to her and we can make up signs for things like 'be quiet now'."

Now, serving on JC and going to JC is one of the things he likes the least about school. And here he is telling me he would stop playing with his friends and go in to support his little sister if she had to go to JC.

I don't necessarily believe it would happen that way - but I think he is so sweet to believe that that is how it will be.


  1. I am truly moved. So sweet. My heart is smiling!

  2. OH, be still my beating heart!