Monday, October 4, 2010

Recent notes from my urban homestead


  • We just ate the last jar of the applesauce I made in 2008. It was still good, and very tasty warmed up and served with french toast.
  • Since we had to kill the one chicken, now the other chickens are all doing well and laying lots of eggs. We have plenty of eggs to eat.
  • In related issues, it turned out that a 6 year old laying hen really was NOT good eating. But we had a memorial dinner to her anyway, when I made Hungarian paprikash. And then I made broth, which was incredibly rich and flavored two soups.
  • I bought 20 pounds of apples at the market, which I plan to just store in the garage and eat. When they start to go soft, I can bake them or make some more sauce.
  • Our garden hasn't done well at all this year, but we are still getting small harvests, such as this week's pictured here.
  • We've had a series of sick days for my husband and myself in the last few weeks, leading to way too much carry out food and styrofoam containers and wasted veggies that just went bad in our frige, uncooked. We're drinking lots of tea and taking our Vitamin C and echinecea, but there's still some nasty bugs knocking us down.

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