Friday, October 29, 2010

Organic Intimates for Big Girls

Ahem. I will now talk about my underwear, please pardon such an unladylike topic.

But, seriously - this area is a huge problem in the organic/reused clothing department. I'm NOT buying used undergarments of any kind at the thrift store, even if they carried such things. And these garments don't last as long as other, heavier, garments do. At some point, they end up in the trash.

I know I could sew my own undergarments and knit my own socks, but I'm not going to do it. I even once bought a pattern for making a bra, but I just never got myself to the point of really doing it. It's not a realistic solution, in other words.

I also am not a small girl. Too many of the organic clothing companies seem to only make stuff for small women, and then things made for big girls too often are made out of nasty artificial fibers. Besides my ethical desire for eco-friendly, natural fibers, I also have a skin-distaste for the way artificial fibers feel on my skin. Someone, please make a bra meant for women who actually need to wear good support, out of a nice natural material! Really - I would be your most loyal customer! I cannot wear the excuses for a bra that are sold in organic cotton. :(

On the plus side, I just bought some of Maggie's lightweight tights in an XL and they actually fit. Thank you, Maggie's, for making a quality product for this big girl to wear!

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  1. I so agree!!! If you ever find such a store, let us know. I have really sensitive allergy skin and regular synthetic bras make me itch. Not a good thing. But like you said, all I find in natural fibers is tiny, tiny, tiny. Might work for my daughter in a couple years, but not for me.