Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Our Schoolroom Re-Do

The pictures aren't great - one problem with the schoolroom is that it doesn't get a lot of light, and there are no overhead lights in there. We need to buy and install some track lighting on the ceiling, but until then ....


This is my new set up for our schoolroom. I realized the kids don't want to sit at a desk to do their work - they love round tables where we can all be working together. So I moved the desks to the edges, and brought in a round table. If you peek under the round table you see two boxes - they are super cool organizers that each kids has for their art supplies, pencils, scissors, paper, etc.


My husband had his desk out in the living room, and we moved it into the schoolroom instead. If he needs to work in the evening, he can go in there and shut the door.


Our big desk is still in there, but it may become more a project table. I'm about to cover it in seed starts, in fact.


The room has these built in bookshelves and a window seat bench, and I finally got some cushions ($20 at Goodwill for them all) so that it's nice to sit there. The kids love it.

I'm pretty stoked about the reorganization. My sewing stuff had to move out of the room, but I think this is going to be so much more inviting and useful for the kids - and maybe we'll manage to keep our dining room table clean and not always covered in school projects!

You can sort of see how it was before in my old First Day of School post.

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