Monday, February 20, 2012

Feeling drawn to Lent

This year I'm feeling powerfully drawn to some sort of Lenten practice. I have no Catholic background, and I've never had a Lenten practice before, but this year it just feels right to do something.

I don't want to misappropriate the traditions of another faith - and because I don't believe in the literal resurrection of Christ or in the doctrine of atonement, Lent has to mean something else to me. With all respect to Catholics, I am not "doing Lent" in the sense they would understand. When I read about Lenten practices, however, what I get is that it is about self-reflection, self-preparation, and embracing that which is most life-affirming and essentially true.

So, my Lenten practice is about pulling into myself a bit, finding what is essential, true, and life-affirming, and living with more intention and attention to that truth. It is spiritual spring cleaning.

It is not a self-improvement regimen, or a 40 day diet. I am planning on giving up sugar and meat for the 40 days, but not to lose weight or anything. I am giving them up because it is a sacrifice (the sugar) but mostly because it will turn my diet in a direction that feels more life-affirming and treads lighter on the planet.

Besides giving up those food items, I plan to spend time daily reflecting on intentional living, voluntary simplicity, and sustainable lifestyles. If I can also get my daily meditation/yoga practice going again, that would be a bonus. But primarily, I see myself wanting to strip away some of the distractions and materialisms of life, and find something more essential and more true.

I'm sure I'll be blogging as I go. :)

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