Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day (belated)

Happy Valentine's Day, in whatever way you celebrated it. Valentine's Day marks the end of the 30 Days of Love project that I've been blogging along to, and it's time to reflect on what the last 30 Days have meant to me.

  • It's been wonderful to keep the big picture in front of myself, by focusing on Love with a capitol "L". It's a lot easier to not sweat the small stuff when you are looking out with this perspective.
  • Love is a verb. It's a call to action. It's not something you just have, or get - it's an obligation that flows through us from the source of life, through our hearts, and then back out to the interdependent web of life.
  • We are all connected. We are all, ultimately, on human family. What increases the good for others, increases the good for me as well. And the reverse is true.
  • But Love as a feeling isn't enough. Yesterday I put on the Beetles song, "All You Need is Love", and my daughter was listening to that said "It's not true! You need food and stuff too!". True - Love is not enough if our other basic needs are not met. Love calls us to meet those other needs, for ourselves and others.

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