Thursday, February 2, 2012

So if I wanted to keep following the 30 Days of Love schedule, I'd need to post about the Secure Communities act and immigration justice today - and that would be a good thing to post about. The youth group at my church has been exploring this issue, and they have been blown away by hearing from activists, immigrants, and through watching some powerful documentary films (they liked Mojados).

But, I'm a bit more excited about some other things today, which are also all about Love for me. One is that we're preparing for my daughter's 6th birthday, and she wanted an Alice in Wonderland party. So I've made her a "Princess of Hearts" (because she doesn't want to be the Queen, but rather the "younger girl who will someday be the Queen") dress with fabric and pattern that she picked out, and for my son I created a Mad Hatter hat (hot glued fabric and flowers and ribbon onto a St. Patrick's Day cardboard hat). They are soooo excited for this party.




And .... last night the state senate voted to approve the legalization of same-sex marriage in our state! Some of my friends went down to attend the Senate session (with their kids) and said the mood there was just jubilant. One of our Community Ministers popped into my office today at church to show me the hand-made Valentine's that another area UU church's children had made for the legislators, and she was about to go hand deliver to each office. The kids had cut hearts in half, glued them on the paper, and written "don't keep people apart" in between the two halves of the hearts. It was quite touching, and I hope those legislators appreciated getting them!

So I'm feeling like today is a Great Day for Love.


  1. It was a good day! Kids look super cute, I am sure they will have a fun party!

  2. Sounds like fun, and your kids are so cute!

    Someday there will be marriage equality in all states; it's going to take time, but I know it will happen! :-)