Friday, February 17, 2012

Checking in on my New Year's Goals


Signs of Spring are popping up here. I've just spent 30 Days focusing on Love on my blog, but there are, of course, lots of other things happening too. And it's been about a month and a half since my New Year's Goals - how am I doing?

The ultimate goal I have for myself is to Be Here Now. How present am I in my own life?

I also had five subgoals, to help me be more present:

  1. Morning Yoga
  2. Real Food
  3. Read More Real Books
  4. Enjoy Each Moment - Turn off the To Do Lists
  5. Less Multi-Tasking

1. I am not doing the morning yoga. If I could make myself wake up and get up even 30 minutes earlier, I could do it. So that's something to think about. If it's important, why won't I roll out of bed and do it? Maybe I should try to go to sleep earlier - except that late at night is the only quiet work time I get. Hmmmm.

2. I'm doing pretty well with the Real Food. Hopefully it will get even better as we move into the Fresh Food Seasons.

3. And I am reading more real books, and spending less time just reading the Digest version online. Of course, the books that I'm reading are all required reading for the RE Credentialing program, but they're still Real Books.

4. Turn Off the To Do Lists has actually been the most revolutionary notion. I am not keeping a To Do List! More about that tomorrow.

5. Less Multitasking is also doing OK. It turns out that it's more efficient to just focus on one task at a time and get it done quickly, rather than spin about like a distracted dervish. It's almost like meditation - if a thought arises that is not applicable to the task at hand, gently set it aside. If I'm working on the computer, I gently set it aside by shooting myself an email. If I'm elsewhere, I either put a voice memo to myself on my phone or write it on a post-it note. But I don't try to deal with it before I've finished the task at hand. And if Life (aka My Children) is just not letting me focus right now, it's better to stop, switch gears, and then come back later than it is to keep trying to multi-task.

So, overall I'm working on my goals still. Don't get me wrong - I'm overwhelmed and overworked right now, and I've taken too much on and it's not good for my mental health. But even while drowning, I am pretty present in the process of my day to day life. I wish I was present for a bit more peacefulness, and not so much stress and overwork, but nonetheless I'm staying pretty present to it.

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  1. Morning yoga issues? You and me both. I know that if I don't make that time in the early am, I won't get it done. Of course, now with the foot thing, I can't manage anyway. Definitely need to work that in when better. Good luck meeting your goals.