Sunday, November 13, 2011

Way Cool Sunday School

Once a month, I'm experimenting with a different method of Religious Education called "Way Cool Sunday School". We aren't doing the pure method, as we are only doing it once a month, but it's primarily a more hands-on and multi-age method of RE. We are trying it so there is something for the kids that feels less like "school". Last month was our first try at it, and it was crazy, hectic, and not ideal.

This month we tried again, with all we learned last month under our belts. It was much better! In fact, it was pretty cool. A 15 minute Children's Chapel worship was followed by a rotation with three stations that kids spent 15 minutes each at.


A guest speaker talked about Sustainable Agriculture and how to take care of your garden in organic ways.


Kids made posters for our Food Drive we'll do this month.


They cooked.


And they ate.

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  1. After Occupy Burlington shared our meetinghouse space for a night, I made myself somewhat more personally visible on Facebook. One wrote in the he had attended the Way Cool Sunday School back when Lisa Rubin was the DRE.

    So I think it works.