Monday, November 7, 2011

Homeschooling Field Notes


Field Trip Day. I'm really glad I joined this homeschool "meetup" group, and that we are able to join them for field trips. I'm seeing a theme in my life right now, and that theme is that stuff needs to be scheduled or I won't find time to do it. If I sign up for a field trip there is some accountability and it gets onto my calendar. If I just think, "oh, sometime in November when the salmon are running I should take the kids out to see that", it will just keep getting put off until it's over and I'm thinking "boy, I wish I'd taken them out to see the salmon last month".


The weather was great, the group was just the right size (4 families, about 12 kids), Carbon had kids about his age that he enjoyed spending time with, the docent was nice and knowledgable and the kids asked good questions, and the salmon were active and easily seen. And I learned that from now on, if Hypatia is leaving the house in rubber boots I need to make sure she put socks on under them. Her toes were purple by the time we got home!


  1. It looks like a great field trip, though I'm sorry about Hypatia's toes -- poor kiddo. :)

  2. What is it about kids and socks? My kids refuse to wear them even on the coldest days...hope her toes weren't too frozen!

    Sounds like a fun and interesting field trip! I know what you mean about scheduling things...that's why I love being in a co-op. It forces me to commit to actual dates and times!