Wednesday, November 23, 2011

harvest home, and we give thanks ...

Remember the apples I picked?


And I didn't grow all of these, but I'm abundantly provided with squash!

Tomorrow we'll head up the road to my mother's and my brother's homes for Thanksgiving with family. They will be preparing one of the turkeys they raised this year; we'll be bringing a pumpkin pie made with the pumpkin we grew. Sure, there will also probably be jello in a molded shape (my mother is from Kansas and the midwest traditions are strong in her) and what my children lovingly refer to as "that weird red stuff that comes in a can" (cranberry "sauce"), but it will also be a meal celebrating the harvest that we actually brought in, and the local harvest of those real farmers around us.

And after singing this in church last Sunday (it's by a Unitarian author and it's a Thanksgiving song - not a Christmas song as is often thought), the kids and I will most likely sing it as we drive:

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