Wednesday, November 16, 2011

current best practices: felt boards for classes


One of my latest projects has been to add a felt board to the 1st-2nd grade class so that the illustrations from the books they're reading in there can be better enjoyed by all the children. As the class has gotten larger, and as we are trying hard to better welcome children with special needs, seeing the illustrations in a book the teacher is reading from just weren't enough anymore. So I ordered this felt board (should have just made one, really - it's just a folded bit of cardboard with felt glued to it) and I've been photocopying the illustrations and laminating then sticking velcro to the back of them. The kids can either manipulate the illustrations or the teacher can, depending on the way the day is going. Overall, I'm quite happy with how this helps them focus during reading time, and I think it helps them all to have more to look at.

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