Thursday, November 17, 2011

Time management


This is something I recently got at a conference: this idea of how you can divide up your time and To Do List into these four quadrants. And if you looked at your time, most people probably spend the majority of their time in that top left quadrant, doing things that need to be done immediately for other people. And most people probably spend very little time in that bottom right quadrant, doing things they hope to do eventually for themselves.

This state of affairs keeps us from ever getting to the things that are possibly the most important - the long term goals and dreams we have for ourselves. And always doing just what needs to be done immediately is a limiting way of living, as well.

A fellow DRE in my "cluster" (the regional group that meets once a month for mutual support and study) was telling us all that she was reserving one work day a week to "work ahead", and that inspired me to try something new with my own work week.

Monday - the day of Rest
Tuesday - the day to tie up all loose ends. Get to the bottom of the Inbox and do any lingering To Do list tasks
Wednesday - Prep tasks for Sunday and all immediate tasks
Thursday - Work ahead and look farther ahead than just this week
Friday - really long-term work like study and developing new curricula
Saturday - if there are any last minute prep tasks or special events, do those
Sunday - the big day at church

This week so far it has been very nice, and I'm very hopeful for this way of organizing my time!

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  1. I always learn so much from your posts. I had never thought of how I divide my time, but I'm sure I spend way too much of it in that first quadrant!