Sunday, July 10, 2011

belated Saturday morning book post


I'm just home from camping for the weekend, so here is a belated post about our reading this week.

I am reading a work of fiction, Bloody Jack, which tells the story of a girl who disguises herself as a boy and eventually ends up as a pirate. It's well written and interesting, but I'm not engrossed yet, so it's slow going.

Strangely, the book I have been finding engrossing - so much so that it was a real page turner while lounging by the lake this weekend - is After the Baby Boomers: How Twenty- and Thirty-Somethings are Shaping the Future of American Religion. I say "strangely" because this is a dense book full of survey results, bar graphs, and lots of talk of correlations and their possible causes. But I have a real stake in this stuff, and even though the studies the book discusses are about 10 years old now I still found much of value here.

And I'm thrilled that I just got my first two free e-books from the library on my iPhone. I've currently got The Case for God and The Art of Non-Conformity on the phone to read.


The kids have been busy with more summer camps, so there's been a bit less reading out loud around here, but it's been cute to see Carbon start to help Hypatia read little easy phonics readers, like "Quack Shack".

We finished reading the second Warriors book, Fire and Ice, and we can't wait to get the next one. The adventures of those clan cats sure are fun.

In the meantime, Carbon is having fun with some of the Choose Your Own Adventures books that he bought at the church book sale a few months back.

The library got us the last Percy Jackson book on CD just in time for our long drive to the lake this weekend, so we finished The Battle of the Labyrinth and went straight into The Last Olympian. This book series has been lots of fun, and has really enriched the kids knowledge of Greek myth. I'm not a huge fan of the love triangle in these last two books, but I guess I forgive them - the urge to make characters fall in love with each other as a series goes on seems to be irresistible. And young teenage love is so awkward!

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