Saturday, July 30, 2011

Saturday Evening Book Post

My crazy, camp-filled, very tiring week still had some room in it for reading.

At camp we read for "Mythological and Fairy Tale Heroes":

For "Historical Heroes" we read from: Heroes for My Son, and from other sources.

For Justice Seekers we read from Peaceful Heroes and Paths to Peace.

And for our final day we read the very sad Faithful Elephants (be ready with tissues, hugs, and processing conversation) and then Peace Begins With You.

Meanwhile, Hypatia finished Emmy and the Incredible Shrinking Rat (fun, a bit scary, a bit silly, and the longest book to keep her attention so far) this week, and then had a couple picture books for bedtime reading:

Mrs. Armitage: Queen of the Road by Quentin Blake was a fun little story of a crazy driver. Blake is the illustrator for the Roald Dahl books, so you might recognize the style of the pictures.

Running with the Horses is a long book for a picture book, about a young girl and her father who live in a riding school, and must get the horses to safety when war breaks out. Hypatia was rapt throughout the reading.

We listened to another 39 Clues book in the car this week: In Too Deep (#6). The books seem to be getting less and less historical and more fantastical, less treasure hunt and more mystery melodrama. I'm less enamored of them, but the kids still like them so we'll probably listen to the next one too.

We went to a community event today that had one of those bookmobiles with free books for kids, and Carbon picked out The Myth of Isis and Osiris and Hypatia picked out Vacation Under the Volcano.

I hope to have more time for personal reading next week. :)

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