Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Field Trip Day: All Wrapped Up

The city up the road from us has a lovely "museum district" with two art museums and a history museum all clustered together, right across the street from a regional campus of the University. It has easy parking, easy access, cool old brick buildings, and places to eat near-by. And by going up on a sunny beautiful summer day, we had the place almost to ourselves. With a special exhibit about mummies, I knew we had to find the time for this.



The kids are getting older, and I enjoy them in museums like this a lot more now. They each hopped onto interactive computer stations and explored CT scans of mummies. They were delighted whenever they recognized something from our reading about ancient Egypt. And they had the patience to have the little signs read to them.

And then I used my iphone to search for restaurants within walking distance that had a gluten-free menu, and we walked to The Old Spaghetti Factory and enjoyed gluten free spaghetti while sitting in a historic trolley car. A very nice day in the life of homeschooling.


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