Monday, July 25, 2011

A much needed haircut

My little puppy is a breed that really needs to be groomed. I've never owned a high maintenance pup like this before, but I am in love with the results of a good grooming session.

He hardly ever sits still, so pictures were tricky, but here he is all hairy:


No eyes, and he doesn't like to be combed and the fur picks up all sorts of dirt as he runs about ...

And then here he is after his grooming appointment on Friday:



I like this so much better! I'm even more tolerant of his bad behavior (chewing up all sorts of odd little things, pooping where he's not supposed to, etc - he's still just a puppy). He's soft and he Has a Face!

Definitely worth the money to have that done on a regular basis. :)


  1. Oooh, he is adorable! I've never owned a dog before, but my older son has wanted one for a few years now. I'm sure we'll give in and be dog-owners in the future :)