Monday, March 22, 2010

Weekend Sewing, Project One

head scarf

I was given the book Weekend Sewing for my birthday, and its lovely illustrations have made for fun browsing. But I still hadn't actually made anything from the book, and I have been wanting to buy some other sewing books, like Sewing Green and Sewing Clothes Kids Love. I absolutely do not want to collect a bunch of sewing books and let them accumulate on a shelf, so I will not allow myself to buy another sewing book until I've done several projects from this one and passed it along to someone else. I'm aiming for four projects out of the book, and here is Project One: "Jane's Head Scarf".

It was a bit of a cheaters move to pick what seemed like the easiest project in the book, but so what - it's in the book and it's a project! It was supposed to fit my head, as the directions are for an adult head scarf, but I wasn't taking into account my big head. It really is a big head, and I should have remembered I frequently can't wear women's hats. So this scarf is gracing Hypatia's head, and I'll still need to make another, larger, one for myself. I love the idea of this scarf, and it was very easy to make. I just need to make it bigger. :)

More Weekend Sewing coming soon!

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