Saturday, March 6, 2010

March Transportation challenge

kickin it at the bus station

On a nice day, it's not too much bother to ride the bus around town. We have a very nice bus system, and we purposefully bought a house near a busline. It does mean that I can't leave the kids one place while I do a meeting and then run back for them and zip them across town ... when you use the bus you need to have a simpler schedule that doesn't mean you run back and forth. That's probably a better way to live, anyway.

public transportation

We got on the bus, and the kids had to go to a lunch meeting for work with me (which was held at a very child-friendly cafe downtown and other people brought their kids too), and then we walked up the hill to the Childrens Museum where Carbon had a science class in the afternoon. Hypatia and I just hung out in the museum and waited for Carbon, and then we rode the bus home. I might have been tempted to leave him there and run home if I'd had a car, but this streamlined approach worked for public transit. We can do this - for us, for our community, and for our carbon-footprint!

not a bad day for a walk


  1. So true. Traveling by bus has improved my abilities in meal planning, knowing very clearly how many errands is TOO many, and being in the present moment.

  2. I'm a wimp when it comes to city driving, so public transportation allows me to take my kids places (museums, big libraries, etc.) I wouldn't want to drive!

  3. So nice to see you using your city transportation! Way to go!!