Wednesday, March 10, 2010

He's completely addicted

I'm not seeing as much of Carbon recently. He just wants to shut himself up in his bedroom - he races through dinner, goes to bed early, stays in there as long as he can in the morning, and generally is giving me a big preview of adolescence. He's completely addicted!

No, we didn't put a tv in his bedroom, or a video game system, or the internet. Nope - it's just a CD player. A CD player and Harry Potter started this whole thing.

He's in there listening to audiobooks. In one day, he can go through a whole book like The Children of Green Knowe. He's listened to the first four Harry Potters several times each. His appetite for new books keeps sending me to the library catalog - I've put a hold on The Boxcar Children, Encyclopedia Brown, The Book of Three, and The Dark is Rising. Any other ideas for when he has listened to all of those, which could be, like, next week?

Every now and then he emerges to tell me about a story bit, or to play with his sister. He still comes out to listen to me read him book 5 of Harry Potter. I see him when he's hungry, or when I make him get some fresh air or practice the piano or do a bit of math. But otherwise, the boy would just stay in a cave listening to literature.

I suppose there are worse addictions ...


  1. Hmmm...right now I'd love for my kids to find something they'd shut themselves in their rooms for. I love my children dearly, but they are going through a discontent stage and hearing them alternate between fighting and crying out "mmoooooooommmy" in whiny squeaky voices every couple of minutes is...grating.

  2. That's a wonderful addiction!

    Does he enjoy Roald Dahl? Most of his books are on CD.

    We loved Children of Green Knowe, too.