Friday, October 26, 2012

Random Things Making Me Happy


With the way pants are sitting so low, below the waist, this is pure genius!  I love them!


This arrived in the mail - seriously the best book recommendations by age!  I know what we'll be reading (and yes, I'll also order something from the catalog, because I have to support the business, not just take the book recommendations to the library and check out all the books.  I do that too.)


My family has figured out how to be totally quiet when I need to do a virtual meeting at home!  I managed to do a whole hour long meeting at my desk (which is housed in the living room, and previously I've had to go hide in an uncomfortable corner of the house to get some quiet).


In a similar vein of independent off-spring, I didn't decorate for Halloween this year.  I just got the boxes down from the attic, and then the kids are in charge of what they want to do with it all.  Or not.  I really don't care.


Apple peelers.  The right tool for the job makes it so much easier.  Last year I hand peeled all the apples I made into sauce - this year my MIL gave me this beauty.

And we got Modern Family from Netflix, and had a marathon.  I know I'm terribly behind on this, but that's life without TV.

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