Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Why can't the tooth fairy remind them to floss?


My dear son has big teeth.  The adult teeth that are coming in are too big, in fact, and so we are engaged in more dental work.  With my history of bad teeth, my children are doomed - and so is my budget since this means we support our local dentists with a lot of business.

Now he has a spacer placed in, and that means he needs to floss and make sure food doesn't get stuck in under the metal.  Every night I need to remember to ask if he remembered to do it.  Why can't my children each have their own little "nag fairy" that follows them around and reminds them to do things - or points out when they have left their dirty socks on the floor or not put their dishes in the dish washer?

A "nag fairy" would be wonderful.

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