Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Pattern Making Fail


It started off with a trip to the fabric store to let the kids pick out what they'd like for pajama fabric.  They've both been growing so much, they just don't have any pajamas anymore!

My kids have interesting taste right now, BTW.


Then Carbon told me he needed a new pair by tomorrow.  He has a sleepover tomorrow night, and he wants new pajamas for it.  I had to head into work tonight, so I really didn't have time - but I tried to squeeze it in between setting out dinner and heading to work.

And I Screwed It Up.  This is what I get for rushing it and not using a pattern.  These are cut like low rider hipster pants - except in kiddie print flannel with an elastic waist.  And if the fabric shrinks in the wash (I didn't prewash - no time!), they will have to get passed down to his sister.

A Big Fail.  Oh well, at least I tried.


  1. Ahh! Yes, and I think I ended up with the print upside down on my shorts, didn't I? Fish swimming upside down. Sewing comes with its opportunities to look like a fool, for sure.