Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A brief tour of my garden

My garden at the new house has caused me much heart ache this year.  It just hasn't been good - I've planted three times and really nothing has come up.  The soil is bad, even after I worked in some good stuff, the drainage is bad, the weather has been too cold, and the slug population is out of this world  Bad, Bad, Bad.  A Learning Experience, except I really didn't need or want another freakin Learning Experience right now.  Enough with the Learning!  Give me instant success, already. :)

But here are a few good things from the garden:





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  1. So green! And blueberries, too! I'm impressed that you find the time to take care of a garden. I didn't plant anything this year because I knew I'd be traveling too much...but we are enjoying the produce from our CSA.

    My friends in your area are all complaining about the slugs. Must be an epidemic this year!