Friday, June 15, 2012

Simply Fun Learning


We went to the state Homeschool Convention today, and spent a few hours wandering the exhibit hall. I gave the kids each a budget to spend on "something educational" - and if you are wondering I did have to say no to some things that I didn't think counted, such as foam swords.

So they had a budget burning a hole in their pockets, and after we perused everything they decided to go back and spend their money at the Simply Fun booth.  They have a large line of games, varying in how much they are overtly "educational", and different from what you can buy elsewhere.  We bought two, brought them home and played them each a few times, and I can report that I don't regret the purchase.  The game pictured above is "Don't Wake the Dragon" and it's a dexterity game with tweezers to use to try and lift the lizards off the dragon without any eggs falling off.  Educational?  I can't really describe it as specifically educational, but it's fun.

The game below is "Chess on the Loose", which is chess with three options for crazy extras that add some elements of random luck to your chess game.  "Frankencheck" wanders around the board being guided by cards drawn from a draw pile, for instance, and if he lands on your piece it's captured.  Once again, I can't really claim it has huge educational value, but we had fun.


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