Monday, June 25, 2012

Fantasy Landscapes


Back home again from GA (and happy for the cool weather!), I was able to get the kids out for our weekly nature hike this morning.  These walks are for nature study, but the kids view the landscapes we explore through at least two lenses: the real natural world in front of us and the fantasy world of their imagination.

A small stream is both a place to look for newts and tadpoles, while around the next corner a tree forming a natural arch over the path means "we are crossing into the underworld".  We'll be wondering what bird is singing, and then they'll spot a "fairy door" in a tree.  Today this tree pictured above caused oohing and aahing, and inspired the notion that "it's roots go all the way to the center - it's the magic tree".

Although these walks are hard to put in a box or categorize as far as educational goal, I am convinced that this is an important part of our family lifestyle and the kids' educations.

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  1. You're right! What could be more educational than using imagination? And it sounds like they have plenty of that!

    That is a really interesting tree!