Friday, October 7, 2011

A somewhat unconventional field trip day

Yesterday my husband needed to drive up the road to Seattle to get his motorcycle serviced, and so we chose to take a day as well and drive up to keep him company and have a "Field Trip Day" for our homeschool.

As we are doing a Unit Study on Asia, I wanted to take the kids to the cool asian grocery store in the International District, and that's just what we did: browsing the aisles, trying to figure out what the vegetables and fruits were when we couldn't read the labels, buying strange candies and so forth. Carbon was impressed by the variety of origami paper for sale, I admired the bamboo salad bowls but couldn't actually bear to pay $70 for one, Hypatia loved the dolls they were selling, and my husband bought a package of rice crackers with dried fish in it. We still haven't tried the dried fish - I'm a bit nervous about that.

It was a lovely field trip, actually, and as close to a trip to Asia as we were going to get this week. :)




It's not all high-brow museums and such. There are much more unconventional educational opportunities out there, and they are pretty fun too!

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