Friday, October 14, 2011

progress on the kids' rooms



I've made some serious progress on setting up Hypatia's bedroom. She picked the paint color, and the wall decal is from Etsy. All the boxes are "unpacked" - although you will see the pile of toys in the middle of the floor that were dumped out of a box and not put away yet.


Now (sigh) I still have to do something about Carbon's room. He moved by shoveling stuff into trash bags, and dumping them on the floor of his new room. It was a brilliant technique for transporting a huge mess from one place to another. What to do about messy children?


  1. What to do? Wait. Eventually they grow up and move away, and then you just miss them. :) Looks lovely!

  2. Wow--what a gorgeous room! My daughter would love that color! We haven't changed her room much since she was a toddler, and she's ready for a "tween" look now.