Saturday, April 30, 2011

My doll and me

Hypatia had been browsing the American Girl Doll catalog, and what she really wanted was one of those matching nightgown sets. But, Wow! - those things are pricey. So I suggested mildly that it would be a lot less expensive for me to sew that for her ... and she loved that idea. She took her allowance to the fabric store and used it to pick out the flannel, and unfortunately it took me a long time to find the time to do it, but now she is thrilled with the result. And she got to help with some of the sewing! More of this in store for us, I'm sure. I don't particularly like sewing doll clothes - they are so small and the work is so tight - but I like that she likes it so much.




The pattern is from All Dolled Up , a Sewing With Nancy book.


  1. So cute! And it's great that she got to help you with sewing!

  2. Really nice job. The great thing about the 18" doll clothes patterns is that once you master one, it's very easy to change up the look with contrasting fabric, trim, lace, sleeve length and the addition of a shorter overskirt.