Monday, May 2, 2011

Ideas for Mother's Day

Carbon has been saying that he "hates Mother's Day". He groans when we talk about plans for next weekend. "Why?" we ask him, and his answer is that it is "so hard to find the perfect present for Mom". That whatever he gets is never good enough.

Say what? I have no idea where that is coming from! Is it hard to get me gifts? What about:

Kid-made art that can go up on the wall of my office

Flowers - both cut or for planting in the garden

Bubble bath or bath salts

Momma-jewelry, like this

Dish cloths

gift-certificates for doing extra chores around the house

cute puppy accessories for my new puppy dog

Chocolate, red wine, and coffee

yoga DVD's

Framed photos of themselves

Is that really that hard? Their Dad is a hopeless case and will probably leave this until Saturday afternoon and take them out shopping at the last minute only after I gently remind him that the next day is Mother's Day, but still ....

In the meantime, today I'm off to mail some nice little packages and cards to some of my moms, step-moms, and mother-in-laws ....

1 comment:

  1. Poor kid--already stressing over this stuff!

    I'm a big fan of kid art and homemade cards. But this year, I'd be happy if the family would just put away this giant pile of clean laundry for me! That would be a wonderful gift!