Saturday, May 7, 2011

quilting memories


a thrifted sundress she wore two summers ago, too stained to re-donate, and I cut up the ruffles and made that pseudo log-cabin square
left-over fabric from our recent My Doll and Me nightgown project, first sewn in one design then cut up and "fixed" (just barely) into this new design, without enough hot pink to really fix it

a fun scrap of jungle print from an outfit I made for her when she was a toddler, a tiny amount of light green scrap from who-knows-what-origin, and an old curtain I had made for the daddy and my first apartment together

More than a year ago, I finished making a Memory Quilt for Carbon. I wrote about it here. I'm not a quilter - AT ALL - but I wanted to do something with his favorite t shirts he outgrew, his little pants, the scraps from projects I made for him, etc. The result was definitely a CRAZY quilt, but he loves it and that is the blanket he sleeps under every night. I imagine that when he grows up and moves on, he'll have that blanket to take with him and remember that whole era of his childhood (I have similar things to remember my childhood by, and I love that).

But as parents, we have to be fair, right? I can't do something for one child and not for the other .... they are keeping track, believe me. So it's time to start a Memory Quilt for Hypatia. And here is the beginning of that effort - as you can see I've been bit by a much more ambitious bug this time. Not that this is quilting like my serious quilting friends would do -

a. I hate to actually measure anything. I really do - I prefer to sew by the seat of my pants.

b. I don't read the directions.

c. I'm very comfortable with wonky seams in a lot of things.

d. I learned to sew by helping my mother make costumes for community theater, so the rule was - will this look okay from 50 feet away? That kind of sewing can be very sloppy.

But this is pretty fun, and I'm actually motivated to put more into the details than I have in the past. Now - if her quilt turns out nicer than his quilt, does that mean I have to make him another one as well?


  1. So sweet -- both quilts. This post makes me excited for my first real quilt -- also to be made from a box of favorite clothes and special fabrics from my daughter's childhood. It will be her 16th birthday gift. Where does the time go?

  2. I so adore this idea. What a wonderful gift for your kids! :0)