Tuesday, May 24, 2011

If mom will give you lemons ...


Make lemonade!

I don't know where the idea originated, but Carbon informed me that the Lego Corporation (the group of students and staff concerned with all things lego) at his school wanted to have a small fundraiser and sell lemonade. He had volunteered himself to bring the stuff for this sale - which of course is actually volunteering ME, but we'll let that pass.

So yesterday I sent him to school with a bag of lemons, a bag of sugar, a juicer tool, two pitchers, and a few paper cups. Apparently they found a recipe on the internet and made the lemonade. There was a little left when I picked him up, and it was very strong. Not bitter really, just really thick and strong and concentrated. It was so strong that Carbon said people bought one cup of lemonade and then just kept adding water to dilute it all day long, making a never-ending-cup.

The Lego Corporation raised $6.50. About my cost for ingredients. :) However, the experience was priceless, and Carbon was very happy with himself, the event, and the results.

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