Thursday, April 28, 2011

A choice between two goods

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There are big changes coming around here. After some lingering sadness and doubt, the family has decided to homeschool again next year. It's not that we don't like the Sudbury school Carbon has been attending - I mean how awesome is this scene above? The school is very cool, the community is great, and he loves it there.

But I miss homeschooling. I miss being with my kids, being involved in their learning, getting to do it along their side. I feel left out by how little involvement parents get to have in the Sudbury model. I miss homeschooling. I miss the way it was a family adventure for my family of origin, and I miss planning and doing unit studies and fun learning with my kids.

And, although I understand absolutely the need to pay full tuition for the school, it's hard to budget for those "extras" like music lessons that I want to also give the kids.

I've also never been 100% comfortable with the completely unschooled and child-led model that is also part of the Sudbury model. I'm right there with them for about 75% of the way to complete child autonomy, but there is that 25% adult directed that I still feel is important. And it's not that I need to "deschool" myself - I'm a pretty de-schooled person having never been to a school until college, and having gone to an alternative non-graded college. I was homeschooled, and unschooled for a few years, and I love homeschooling.

So, even though we were pretty happy with the Sudbury school, we're going to return to my roots and homeschool the kids again. It will be a challenge, as I am still keeping my full-time job (which I also love). But we have a plan, and I'm excited.

It's not the worst problem in the world, to have an abundance of good options in front of you, but it was still pretty sad making this decision. We involved the kids too - if this was really just all about me missing them, that wouldn't be fair. But they are excited for the possibilities of homeschooling also. It will be hard to say goodbye, but it will be nice to go back to the learning adventure I love.


  1. Congratulations, and best wishes to you and your family!

    I'm looking forward to reading about some of your homeschool adventures. You already do so many wonderful things together.

    It's good to know there are so many good options - and that we can take advantage of different options when circumstances change. Have fun planning (I always enjoy that piece)!

  2. I think it's wonderful that you involved your kids in this choice. And it's great to be able to choose from two great options!

    Good luck--I have no doubt that you're up to the challenge!

  3. Best wishes. Are you sharing your plan?

    I always wonder how working mothers homeschool. A couple of friends of mine who work out of the house have mentioned that they would love to homeschool but can't give up the job and I wished I could tell them how to manage it all. I do have a friend who teaches and homeschools her son. But she's lucky enough to have her parents help with the homeschooling.

    Either way, you children are lucky to have you.