Friday, January 21, 2011

A week in dinners


Saturday: My husband ate leftovers at home, while the kids and I ate Macaroni and Cheese from a box at a church childcare event I was working on Saturday night. I made regular organic mac n'cheese for most of the kids, gluten-free mac n'cheese for Carbon and me, and dairy-free, gluten-free mac n'cheese for Hypatia. It's great that those options are available to buy now.

Sunday: For my little sister's 17th birthday, we drove over 70 miles each way to go have dinner with the extended family at a Mongolian Grill Restaurant. We had to skip the noodles, as they only served wheat noodles, and we skipped the little wraps that were wheat as well. It wasn't a particularly good or safe gluten-free arrangement.

Monday: I made Thai Peanut Soup with tofu and brown rice noodles. This is one of my husband's favorites, although he would prefer it with chicken in it. That would have been tricky with my pledge to only cook whole birds now, so I used baked tofu instead. I just had time to finish it and inhale a bowl before I had to head out to teach a class at church, and then my husband and the kids ate after I left.

Tuesday: I made Chili in the slowcooker in the morning, and I had time to eat a small bowl for an early dinner at 5pm before I took the kids to the YMCA for Chess Club. My husband met us there and brought the kids home, and they had the chili waiting for them for dinner. I went from Chess Club straight to a Council Meeting at church.

Wednesday: I made a gluten-free pizza crust and left my husband with that and a pile of toppings - including regular mozzarella and almond-mozzarella for the girl - so they had pizza for dinner. I took a bowl of leftover chili with me to an Auction Planning Meeting at Carbon's school.

Thursday: Finally, we actually had a schedule that allowed us to all sit down for a dinner at home. I made Pork Chops in sauerkraut, and Roasted Root Vegetables.

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  1. Wow--you have such a busy schedule! But I'm really impressed at how well you plan ahead to provide your family with home-cooked meals!