Thursday, January 13, 2011

Birthday planning

One of my major jobs as a mother is to make the children's Birthdays come true. From party planning, present buying, cake-baking, to clean-up afterward, the Birthday is a big job, and it mostly falls on my shoulders. However, it's a job I like to do, and I realize that I enjoy those birthday parties almost as much a the kids do. So it's all good. :)

One thing I did let go of this year, in my year of LESS, was the stress of trying to make a handmade birthday present. Yes, making things for my children is precious and they love mama-mades, but having to work in secret means working late at night and that just sucks the joy out of it all. So I was very pleased to purchase something lovely from an Etsy seller instead. I'm very impressed with the lovely doll clothing for sale on Etsy, all handmade!

Shhhh ..... I kidnapped Hypatia's doll for a photo shoot of the gift:


And then a job we can do together: making invitations!



It's still almost a month until Hypatia's 5th birthday, so I'm doing Very Well on preparations and I hope there will be very little stress as we get closer. Especially as I am feeling some angst that my Baby isn't really a Baby anymore ...


  1. Oh, what a good suggestion! GoGoGirl is getting a doll that size (eventually, as a delayed xmas present from my in-laws!) and I'm glad you reminded me to keep an eye on Etsy for fun, interesting, and handmade outfits.

    I can't imagine our Babies turning 5... though mine is 9 months younger than yours, I imagine that angst will come for me too. 5 seems like a Real Kid and not so much a Baby!

  2. Cute doll outfit! Glad you gave yourself a break and still found something special for her.

    And wow, I'm impressed that you're so organized! I tend to leave birthday celebrations to the last minute.

    I have felt that same angst watching them grow up. Although, five still seems like a baby to me: I have a "tween" who is nearly as tall as me now!