Thursday, December 23, 2010

Spreading some Christmas cheer


Yesterday was almost all about cookies. We had another play date, with a sweet little girl who bridges the age gap between Carbon and Hypatia and got them all playing together, and then I had to go and pull them away from that play with the offer to help make cookies. They also made cards, which Hypatia is holding here. I don't know why she wrote "Wagon Merry Christmas", but she very specifically asked me how to spell "wagon" while I was rolling out cookie dough, and then I wrote "Merry Christmas" on another sheet of paper for her to copy.

Making cookies with children is a process. It's more process than product, sometimes:


We sang carols as we worked, then we hopped in the car and took three plates of cookies to the homeless tent city, where the kids dropped off the cookies and the cards they had made. I don't know how much it mattered to the residents there, as they are a hard bunch to understand sometimes socially. The older lady who was spending part of her day volunteering there at the Host Desk was very happy to see the kids come in though, and she asked them all their names, how old they are, if they are ready for Christmas ,etc.

Later, after our friend had gone home, we also gave plates of cookies to our neighbors. The kids were excited to carry the cookies over themselves and ring the doorbells. It struck me how much I like to see them excited to Give this time of year.

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