Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Happy December!


My husband is fairly strict with us about not starting Christmas until the 1st of December, but this year we had a jump start because we drove up to my mom's house on Saturday and helped her cut and set up her Christmas tree, then had a cookie exchange. It was really nice to spend time with my mother and my siblings at the beginning of the season, as it felt really loose and carefree and was filled with sweet anticipation. We carried all the boxes of ornaments down from the attic and the kids were really excited to help her set them all up. She told me on the phone today that it's nice to see all the jumbled up decorations that the kids did - it's been awhile since children handled all those decorations (even though my 17 year old sister still lives at home with my mom, she's not exactly a kid anymore).

And now tonight we open the first door in our Lego Advent Calendar! Hopefully I'll find time soon to decorate around here ...

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  1. Yay! Sounds like fun!

    We do a Lego advent calendar, too! But that's all we've done so far--hopefully we'll have time to do the tree, etc. this weekend.