Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Reusable Wrappings


The old rolls of wrapping paper and the plastic bows are on their way out. More and more folks are embracing the idea of reusable wrappings, whether they are recycled paper, paper gift bags, or fabric options.

There is an excellent post about this at One Small Change, and a good tutorial for fabric bags at Mama Chalk. If you are curious or interested in how to do reusable gift wrap, you should check them out.

As for me, however, I have this roll of paper. I've been on the reduce, reuse bandwagon for a long time, and so we've only used this paper for a few things each year. We bought this roll at Costco, as one of those economy rolls that has 500 feet on it or something crazy. And, get this, we bought this roll in 2001! This roll of paper has almost lasted a decade, and can I say how tired of snowflakes I am?

I'm kind of hoping this will be the year that we come to the end of the roll. We are giving several books as gifts, and homemade calendars, and a couple things in boxes, and I plan to wrap them all in this paper! I'm not going to use any recycled paper or children's art projects this year! I just want to get to the end of the roll ....

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  1. LOL... we made large fabric gift bags -- one for each family member -- that we use for all but one or two special presents that get wrapped so I am right there with you. We've used the same four rolls for more years than I care to count. Fortunately two of the patterns are generic enough to work for birthdays as well.