Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Carbon's fundraising letter


Writing a letter this long was a very painful process for the boy, but he loves his school and he was motivated to write this letter to go out with a fundraising letter from the school. We copied it (I wasn't going to make him write three copies by hand!), and mailed the little packets to three of his sets of grandparents. It really is a sweet little school, and they offer extremely generous financial aid - so much so that it's pretty tough for them to meet their budget.

Carbon plans to donate his January allowance to the school (he has to spend his December allowance on Christmas gifts, or he would donate that). He really loves the school.


  1. Aw, what a generous kid! He did a great job on the letter!

  2. Carbon is such a sweet kiddo; I love everything about his letter and hope the fundraising is a success.

    My blog is private now. I've sent you an invitation and hope to see you there.