Wednesday, July 21, 2010

playing across language barriers

There weren't many children out in the village (it is summer time so school is out and families are out working in the fields together during the days), but on one day of our visit we drove to the next valley over to visit with the previous minister in his new town. He and his wife have a five year old son and had a neighbor girl hanging out at their house, so Carbon had a chance to try and play with some kids.

It reminded me of the video The Little Traveler's Visit Japan, when the girls had a play date with a Japanese girl and they all stood around being shy for awhile. Carbon and Tomas were both shy and distressed about not being able to talk to each other, but they overcame it with the help of our interpreter and bubbles.

It wasn't easy for them, though. Maybe if they had been a bit younger, language wouldn't have mattered so much.


overcoming language barriers

playing with bubbles

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  1. Nick was 6 when we took him to China with us to get Katie. One of the tour guides had her daughter along. They were able to play together without a common language...all done with hand signals and demonstrations. It was a great experience for him.