Tuesday, June 8, 2010

When she has to go to work with me

Hypatia is now my little Tag-Along-Child, as we no longer have our nanny and Carbon is off at school. She wasn't thrilled at first, and the first two days that she had to be at work with me for 6 hour stretches we were both pretty frustrated by it.

Now I feel like we are hitting a stride. This is what her day at work with me looks like:

playing in my office

Playing with the toys I keep in my office right next to my desk.

in the nursery
In the church nursery, but what is she looking at?

deer in the parking lot
Now that the construction noise is gone, we see things like this again - a deer calmly grazing the edge of the parking lot.

playing outside

Playing in the new children's play yard. It will be even better when the treehouse gets built back there!

There is also a TV at church, so she can watch a movie every now and then. And today she didn't touch the preschool room with the art supplies, but that is available to her also. It's actually not a bad deal, I think.

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  1. What beautiful office spaces you have. Reading this brings back sweet memories of taking my daughter to work with me. Sometimes it was a challenge ("Mom, I'm bored!") but I think it was good for her to see what I do for a living and what "going to work" meant.