Friday, June 11, 2010

Teacher Gifts

It's that time of the year again, when teachers get thank you gifts for all they have done. I got a sweet gift certificate this year, and flowers, and public appreciation, so I feel like I have been thanked as well. :)

But, between volunteer teachers at work, and extracurricular teachers for both kids, and the staff at Carbon's school, I feel like I have a lot of teacher's gifts to pick out! I've developed a criteria for choosing these gifts:

1. Support Local Businesses. Buy it local or get a gift card for a local place.

2. Make it meaningful and as personal as possible. For church, I try to make it symbolize something or be appropriate for that teacher. For instance, everyone got candles because we call teachers forward in the worship service "to light a candle that they may carry the light of our heritage into their classrooms".

3. Support local producers and artists if possible.

4. Make it useful. No chotchkies or things people will want to give to a white elephant party.

5. If there is no perfect thing, go with a gift card. Especially gift cards for experiences rather than stuff, or for local coffee shops or restaurants.

6. Support organic and fair trade enterprises.

7. Hand write a lovely note, and tell them how much they are appreciated. Emphasize the gift they give when they share their time, talents, and hearts with your children.

We love our teachers.

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  1. I like that list! (Except that, for me, handwrite and lovely in the same sentence indicate an oxymoron.)