Monday, June 28, 2010

I need a subscription prescription

side by side comparison

I enjoy having a magazine subscription: something fun when you open the mailbox, something to flip through at the gym, and light reading material when I'm too tired to read something more serious.

But what magazine is the one for me? In the past, I really enjoyed my subscription to Bust, but recently I'm finding myself, well, too old for that magazine. Dare I confess, I don't much care about indie music and film anymore? The fashion spreads all strike me as wildly impractical?

I'm currently getting National Geographic, but those just sit there unread, making me feel guilty. I don't have time or interest to read them, much as I wish I did.

Food and Wine is appealing to me, but it tends to give me rich-man envy, wishing I could go to all these swanky foodie resorts and fancy restaurants.

So - here are three options for me. Mary Jane's Farm has a nice attitude and look to it, while Mother Earth News has some serious content that I like. Natural Home seems more urban and has lots of "green design" ads in it. Is one of these the perfect magazine for me?

Any other favorite magazines I should check out? I welcome recommendations!


  1. We really enjoyed Entertainment Weekly when we used to get it. I just keep forgetting to renew it. We loved National Geographic, but it is pretty dense and we often didn't get around to it. I got Mothering for a year, but it always made me mad. So now we don't get anything, but I will admit that I occasionally buy a People magazine. :O

    Do you know what I miss? Sassy magazine. That one was awesome when I was a teenage Kate.

  2. Love Mother Earth but usually just read it at the library. I used to get lots of magazines in the mail but now we are just down to one - The Old School House Magazine - which I just can't wait to get. It only comes out 6 times a year, so that's alot of waiting. lol.