Tuesday, June 15, 2010


kapla blocks
(Sorry for this picture. She kept moving out of the shot, and this was the only one that was any good at all. She really was having fun, despite the apparent facial expression here.)

The simple Kapla block can be used in so many way, and I see children returning to it over and over again. All the blocks are identical, and yet they don't lose interest or grow bored with it.

Yet when I go shopping for supplies, I am always drawn to the complicated things, the fancy things, the things that have very specific uses. I forget the simplicity.

I need to remember to Keep It Simple, not just in early education supplies, but really in most areas of my life. Simple is Beautiful (and usually easier and less expensive in the long run).

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  1. Despite my kid's room full to bursting with plastic doodads, I am firmly of the opinion that the only toys kids really need are play silks, wooden blocks and a good-quality doll. I think the Waldorf folks definitely have it right in that regard.