Monday, April 5, 2010

We survived Easter

egg hunt

I love holidays, but Easter is not one of my favorites. It is a lot of work, and problematic in so many ways!

Top 10 Reasons Easter is Not My Favorite Holdiay

1. It is meant to be celebrated outdoors, but the weather usually doesn't cooperate.

2. Easter Dresses are silly and too cold for the time of year. It's hard for me to figure out what to wear.

3. The kids get way too much sugar, so they are hyper and difficult to manage at church.

4. The Christian holiday is a hot potato subject, theologically speaking, for our Unitarian Universalist congregtion.

5. Organizing the annual Egg Hunt at church is a lot of work, and then the kids run and it's done in about 15 minutes.

6. No special foods that I really love. (OK - deviled eggs are yummy but I have those all the time)

7. Did I already list the icky weather?

8. No one ever makes me an Easter basket.

But then again ...

9. The looks of happiness on the kids' faces during the egg hunt are pretty wonderful

10. Spring and renewal and new beginnings are all lovely things, even if they do frequently start with mud and rain and other difficulties.

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  1. Nice list :) Easter is not my favorite either. We have recently become Unitarian Universalists, and I haven't quite figured out how Easter fits into the new ideas...