Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Earth Week - Nature Tables

Easter display

One of my favorite parts of paganism is the attention it pays to the seasons. The part of my childhood when my family considered itself Pagan was marked by lovely holidays and an effort to "bring the seasons indoors" on our family altar.

Paganism, and other "earth-based religions" are by definition, Earth based. They are a natural fit with environmentalism, and many of the stories and rituals and holidays from earth-based religions work very well to connect children with nature and the Earth.

And nature tables - the semi-secular version of that family altar I had as a kid - are sweet and wonderful for younger children. Some folks get very elaborate with this, and I say "go for it!". But if you don't feel up to an elaborate display, it can be a very simple thing. I think the priority is to make it accessible to the kids, so use materials they can handle and put it somewhere close to eyelevel for them. Getting the kids involved in setting it up, and then letting them rearrange it and change it throughout the season, gives them a little corner of nature inside their homes.

Just another little connection between kids and the earth - I don't think there can ever be too many.

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