Thursday, April 29, 2010

Let it Be a Dance We Do


My daughter has been in one of those "phases" of late - one of those rough developmental patches that seem to result in a lot of need. She is fussy, wants to be a baby still, is (Still!) wetting the bed at night, and yet she also wants independence, to be a big girl, and to have her way in all things. She only wants her Mommy, and accepts help from other caregivers only after a struggle.

What can I do? Just get through it. I have the hymn Let It Be a Dance stuck in my head: "Let it be a dance we do, can I have this dance with you? Through the good times and the bad times, too - let it be a dance, let it be a dance, let it be a dance ... the morning star comes out at night, without the dark, there'd be no light, yet, if nothings wrong then nothings right. So let it be a dance, let it be a dance, let it be a dance".

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  1. Oh, I love that song! You make me want to get myself to church. :^) (I went to a UU in Muskegon, Michigan for a few years. Now my son and I enjoy moving slowly on Sunday mornings.)