Tuesday, November 12, 2013

What We're Into Now


Here's the 5th Grade Boy edition of 'What We're Into Now':

The Elements: A Visual Exploration of Every Known Atom in the Universe.  A gorgeous and fascinating look at the periodic table and all the stuff that makes up our universe, my son has been pouring over this book for weeks now.  I first got it from the library a few years ago, and he just wasn't all that into it then, but now that he's older he is fascinated by it.

Khan Academy.  He wanted to learn how to program, and I had heard the programming tutorials and exercises on Khan Academy were pretty good, so I showed that to him.  I guess they are pretty good, because he worked on them in all his free time for several weeks, and made a bunch of pretty cool things.

TED Talks.  I have enjoyed many TED Talks on their website, but now Netflix has them for streaming and my son has watched hours of it now.  He started off with the TED Talks for Kids but once he had watched those ten talks, he moved on to the other themes available.

Minecraft.  Still obsessed - this seems to have as much staying power as Legos.

Building Forts.  A classic, and I'm glad to see him out of the house carting off tarps, ropes, scrap lumber. :)

And that's a bit of what he's into now.  All of it has "educational value", and non of it is assigned or scheduled - and that's just another reason why I love the homeschooling lifestyle.

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