Saturday, November 16, 2013

What We're Into Now: 2nd Grade


Here is the 2nd grade girl's edition of "What We're Into Now".  Right now, she into:

1.  The show Liberty's Kids.  It is a good launching off point for study of the Revolutionary War, as well.

2.  Playmobil has made a come-back in her life.  Lots of historical re-enactments as well as fanciful play.

3.  Drawing and coloring.  I finally just bought her a nice sketchbook and a pencil bag that we keep stocked with sharp colored pencils, and she loves to sketch and color all the time.

4.  YouTube videos of people playing Animal Crossing New Leaf.  Her brother owns this game (although I think he has lost it), but she is still in the process of saving up all her money to buy a 3DS and the game for herself.  This is a long process - that stuff is expensive - so she probably won't get to the goal amount until after Christmas.  But I'm not buying it for her.  The process of saving up for a goal is an important lesson.

That's just a bit of what she's into now.  Once again, I find a lot of what they choose to do with their free time to still have educational value.  Life is learning!

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