Friday, November 1, 2013

Weekly Book Post: Getting to Calm


One of the many books I've been reading this week is Getting to Calm: Cool-headed Strategies for Parenting Tweens and Teens by Kastner and Wyatt.  This book was recommended by a religious educator colleague who is parenting teens, and I agree with her - it's fabulous.

Part of this book is just reassuring parents that a certain amount of bad behavior and bad decision making is normal for adolescence, and that it does not mean parents did something wrong.  But how parents respond can make a difference - to the ongoing parent-child relationship, to the self-esteem of the teen, and whether or not everyone learns something from the situation.

With practical tips and examples of typical situations you may face while parenting an adolescent, this book will help you get to calm.  Getting teens to help around the house, what to do about dating, when parents don't agree and aren't parenting as a team, when teens are rude, when they lie, and more ... all covered here.

I'm not facing the task of parenting teens yet, but this is going to go on my parenting shelf now.

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